Anti-Drug Coalition Presents Lynne Fruth with Letter of Appreciation

December 6th, 2013 by fruthpharmacy
Anti-drug coalition

Diana Riddle, Chairperson for the Anti-Drug Coalition and Administrator/Nursing Director of the Mason County Health Department presents Lynne Fruth, President and Chairman of the Board for Fruth Pharmacy with a letter of appreciation.

Point Pleasant, W. Va. (September 26, 2013) – On September 26, 2013, Lynne Fruth, President and Chairman of the Board for Fruth Pharmacy met with the local Anti-Drug Coalition.

Diana Riddle, Chairperson for the Anti-Drug Coalition, presented Lynne Fruth a letter of appreciation from the Anti-Drug Coalition for Fruth Pharmacy’s efforts to begin replacing pseudoephedrine products with meth-making deterrent products, such as Nexafed®.

Nexafed® works the same as other leading pseudoephedrine products such as Sudafed®. The difference between Sudafed® and Nexafed®, is that Nexafed® disrupts the extraction and conversion of pseudoephedrine into meth.

“I’m honored to receive this letter.  I am appreciative of the efforts of the Anti-Drug Coalition in the Point Pleasant Community.  Illegal drug manufacture and use is overwhelming in West Virginia and other nearby states.  More communities are going to have to come together and work on solutions.  The Anti-Drug Coalition is moving in the right direction.  I wish them the best in their on-going endeavors.” Lynne Fruth, President and Chairman of the Board for Fruth Pharmacy stated after attending the meeting.

The Point Pleasant Anti-Drug Coalition is currently comprised of local community members from the Mason County Health Department, Mason County School System, Loved Ones Support Group, law enforcement, mental health and other support groups in Mason County and concerned citizens.  Any one can join the Anti-Drug Coalition.  If you are interested in becoming a member or offering your support, please contact Diana Riddle at the Mason County Health Department.

Fruth Pharmacy is a family-owned pharmacy.  Fruth Pharmacy has 27 locations in both Ohio and West Virginia.  To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy, please visit:

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