Bill Ellis: Finding the Latest and Rather Unique Items At Your Local Pharmacy

March 1st, 2012 by fruthpharmacy


By The Herald Dispatch

The first Fruth Pharmacy, founded by Jack E. Fruth and his wife, Frances, known as “Babs,” opened on Nov. 1, 1952, at 2119 Jackson Ave., Point Pleasant, W.Va. It is now a chain of 25 pharmacies; 16 are in West Virginia and nine in Ohio. My first visit to their Fruth store, “Your Hometown, Family Pharmacy” was their 10th store and at Hurricane. Their 23rd store opened August 2005, at Scott Depot. The thing that impresses me about their stores is the unusual as well as everything that is up-to-date. There are always people available to assist you.

I wanted a bottle of Lilac Vegetal after-shave lotion, made by Pinaud, which dates back 200 years. I called Lynne Fruth, president and chairman of the board, and soon this lovely lady had me in touch with Barb Taylor, category manager. A few days later, I picked up what I wanted at the Scott Depot Fruth Pharmacy.

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