Employees Honored for Years of Service to Fruth Pharmacy

December 7th, 2012 by fruthpharmacy

Point Pleasant, W.Va. – On October 18, 2012, Fruth Pharmacy held its 22nd Annual Service Awards Luncheon. The theme for this year was “A Time of Remembrance.”

Fruth Pharmacy’s Board of Directors, Officers, and President and Chairman of the Board Lynne Fruth, thanked employees for their years of dedicated service to Fruth Pharmacy.

Employees were treated to an Italian Bistro lunch served by Brad Deal Catering of Point Pleasant and an assortment of Amish-made desserts.

Special Projects Coordinator, Joan Fruth, decorated the employee training and conference area in Harvest décor. Photographs depicting the history of Fruth Pharmacy were also displayed on the walls.

Lynne Fruth spoke on the theme “A Time of Remembrance”.

“This year is a special year as we celebrate 60 years. Some of the pictures on the wall are pictures of our company throughout the different eras.

“Through the years we have had many employees who have passed through and worked in our stores. Some of those employees made a decision to stay and become a valuable member to the Fruth Pharmacy family. We gather today to recognize these employees and celebrate their loyalty and dedication to Fruth Pharmacy.

“When I travel to the national events, I am often asked the same question. How does a smaller drug store chain like Fruth compete against the giants – the big drug stores? We compete and we win, because the customer comes in to see the long tenured employees who are committed to providing great customer service.

“Employees, who work in a store for 5, 10, 20 years, or more, go beyond just providing good customer service. You develop friendships and a caring concern for the people in your store. You get involved in local causes. You do fundraising activities for members in your community. You offer get well wishes to people that are sick. You offer sincere condolences to your costumers that have lost loved ones. It is that relationship building that brings customers into the store. In short, you make the day brighter for your customers and the folks that shop in your store.

“I want to thank each of you as I know you are truly making a difference in our company.

“It is my goal to expand and grow our company. We are right on our way now as we open store 26 in Ironton, Ohio.

“It is important to me that Fruth remains a viable and successful company in the years to come.

“I value your service, your loyalty and your hard work. Thank you for everything you do, to make Fruth Pharmacy successful.”

A moment of silence was held for longtime employee Elizabeth “Libby” Buck from Fruth Pharmacy in Eleanor, W. Va. who passed away this year.

After the luncheon, employee awards and pins were distributed by Lynne Fruth and Mike Fruth for the following years of service: 5 years, 10 years, 15 years, 20 years, 25 years, 30 years, and 35 years.

The ceremony concluded after each employee posed with their award for their photographic keepsake.

Receiving 5 Year Award:
Raymond Denuit – Wellston, OH
Jolene Quidor – Wellston, OH
Bonita Harbor – Milton, WV
Jeff Root – Milton, WV
Kandus Fortner – Pomeroy, OH
Hollie Persinger – Nitro, WV
Kimberly Ruby – Nitro, WV
Ashely Houvouras – Proctorville, OH
Linda Walters – Proctorville, OH
Terry Brown – Athens, OH
Theresa Turrill – Athens, OH
Philindy Oliver – Hurricane, WV
Karl Bennett – Huntington, WV
Patricia Landers – Winfield, WV
Ellen Flowers – Winfield, WV
Shane Casto – Charleston, WV
Pam Moore – Belpre, OH
Ashely McPherson – Mineral Wells, WV
Dawn Adams – Ripley, WV
Laura Hamrick – Eleanor, WV
Isabell Norris – Scott Depot, WV
Alicia Stratton – Scott Depot, WV
Jodi Bissell – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV

Receiving 10 Year Award:
Pete Redman – Huntington, WV
Carolyn Stapleton – Gallipolis, OH
Debra Shepherd – Wellston, OH
Ruth Priddy – Pomeroy, OH
Jean Drennan – Nitro, WV
Crystal Burbach – Proctorville, OH
Mona Halley – Huntington, WV
Deborah Burcham – Huntington, WV
Ron Carney – Winfield, WV
Susan King – Mineral Wells, WV
Amanda Moore – Spencer, WV
William Whited – Ripley, WV
Connie Pitchford – Eleanor, WV
Janet Williams – Eleanor, WV
Patricia Grimm – Gallipolis, OH
Carolyn Prudich – Nelsonville, OH
Kay Lavendar – Scott Depot, WV
Diana Cole – Scott Depot, WV
Josh Coburn – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV
Brandi Smith – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV

Receiving 15 Year Award:
Beth Miller – Point Pleasant, WV
Joel Fisher – Winfield, WV
Ramona Stover – Winfield, WV
Frank Powell – Charleston, WV
Theresa Piggott – Mineral Wells, WV
Lisa Brand – Mineral Wells, WV
Judy Whited – Ripley, WV
Barry McDougle – Ripley, WV
Barbara Luikart – Eleanor, WV
Stacy Taylor – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV

Receiving 20 Year Award:
Drema Roberts – Point Pleasant, WV
Ruth Burrows – Point Pleasant, WV
Nancy Kearns – Pomeroy, OH
Todd McGrew – Nitro, WV
Lonnie Dunn – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV

Receiving 25 Year Award:
Catherine Canterbury – Nitro, WV
Gloria Thornton – Winfield, WV
Chet Page – Gallipolis, OH
Barbara Taylor – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV

Receiving 30 Year Award:
Barbara Jenkins – Milton, WV
Herb Burfield – Point Pleasant, WV

Receiving 35 Year Award:
Linda Jackson – Huntington, WV

Honored for service of 20 years or more:
Cheryl Brown – Huntington, WV
Cowana Brown – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV
Karen Burdette – Winfield, WV
Lucille Cassell – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV
David Chelsey – Charleston, WV
Jada Curry – Eleanor, WV
Ruth Flowers – Point Pleasant, WV
Terri Foster – Gallipolis, OH
Michael Fruth – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV
Joan Fruth – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV
Dawn Grinstead – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV
Mary Harris – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV
Shelley Hodges – Nitro, WV
Patty Holley – Ironton, OH
David Jenkins – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV
Vicki Johnson – Athens, OH
Marlene Kelly – Nitro, WV
John Mourat – Mineral Wells, WV
Matilda Mynes – Nitro, WV
Willa Nelson – Winfield, WV
Rumsey Oates – Point Pleasant, WV
Robert Pegg – Gallipolis, OH
Robin Ramey – Huntington, WV
Sandra Robinson – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV
Bruce Scarberry – Corporate Office, Point Pleasant, WV
Dola Stone – Nitro, WV
Christy Thomas – Huntington, WV

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