Fruth Pharmacy and West Virginia Immunization Network Partner to Improve Adult Immunization Rates

January 13th, 2014 by fruthpharmacy

Fruth Pharmacy Immunization

Point Pleasant, W.Va. (January 13, 2014) Fruth Pharmacy and the West Virginia Immunization Network (WIN) have recently formed a partnership in order to help educate and make many types of vaccinations more accessible to the citizens of West Virginia, including the Influenza vaccine.
One of the most effective ways of preventing illness is for adults to stay up-to-date on vaccinations. Immunization has drastically reduced and in some cases eliminated deadly infectious diseases.
“Immunization is the only responsible choice,” CK Babcock, Clinical Assistant Professor for West Virginia University School of Pharmacy and Fruth Pharmacy explained. “It protects you, your family, and all the people you come into contact with on a daily basis.”
Many adults who do not pursue vaccination, are not aware of the risks of being under immunized. Fruth Pharmacy’s partnership with WIN will help increase immunization education for residents of West Virginia.
“Adults are 100 times more likely than children to die of vaccine-preventable diseases,” Elaine Darling, Program Manager for the West Virginia Immunization Network (WIN), stated. “Many adults don’t realize that they need to be vaccinated to prevent diseases such as pneumococcal, whooping cough, hepatitis A & B, HPV, shingles, and more.”
As the partnership between Fruth Pharmacy and WIN continues to grow, WIN will provide educational opportunities to Fruth Pharmacy communities, as well as additional trainings and educational materials to pharmacy staff. For every immunization that Fruth provides a patient, $1.00 will be donated to WIN to support its efforts to improve immunization rates in West Virginia. Fruth Pharmacy encourages other pharmacies and healthcare providers to join in this effort as well.
WIN has supported increasing access to vaccinations by helping pharmacies to provide many types of immunizations. Fruth pharmacists are trained to give many types of immunizations. If you are seeking immunization, please speak with a Fruth pharmacist. Fruth Pharmacies currently vaccinate adults over 18 years of age. Fruth provides the following immunizations: influenza (flu), pneumococal, whooping cough, and shingles.
The West Virginia Immunization Network (WIN) is a statewide coalition focused on improving immunization rates. WIN’s membership includes over 200 members from both the public and private sectors. To learn more about WIN, please visit:
Fruth Pharmacy is a family-owned and operated business consisting of 27 locations in both Ohio and West Virginia. To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy please visit:

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