Fruth Pharmacy Celebrates Years of Service with Luncheon

December 6th, 2013 by fruthpharmacy

Point Pleasant, W. Va. (October 17, 2013) – Fruth Pharmacy held its annual 23rd Service Awards Luncheon on October 17, 2013.
Lynne Fruth, President and Chairman of the Board for Fruth Pharmacy, spoke on this year’s theme, ‘Unified by Your Unique Gifts’, by mentioning a verse in the Bible.
“There is a scripture in the book of Corinthians that states that the body is made of many parts. Just as many parts are needed in the body to perform the many different functions, there are many different roles and people that are needed in a successful business,” Fruth stated.
Fruth continued by addressing the reasons why Fruth Pharmacy holds an annual service award luncheon, “We celebrate the loyalty of employees who have reached a landmark year in their career. We also will recognize those who made a significant contribution to the success of the company and those whose kindness and compassion have made difficult days a little easier for our customers.”
Special ‘Employee of the Year’ awards were given in four categories: Technician of the Year, Manager of the Year, Pharmacist of the Year, and Associate of the Year.
Ray Pickens, 80, of Point Pleasant, was awarded Associate of the Year. Mr. Pickens came to Fruth Pharmacy after retiring as a delivery driver for Valley Bell. He has been employed with Fruth Pharmacy for 18 years. Mr. Pickens was nominated for this award by both peers and customers. One customer nominated Mr. Pickens by saying, “He deserves this recognition for always putting customers first.”
Mr. Pickens son, unable to attend the luncheon, sent a letter to be read in his place, “Dad though I am unable to be there for your award, I wish to extend my heartfelt congratulations to you, Dad, on this special occasion. There is no son more proud than I am of you. I have been truly blessed to have you as my father. The example you have set for me is one that I can only hope and try and reach for. For your entire life you have worked so very hard and have always been the person I strive to be. You have shown me what it means not only to be a wonderful father, but to treat others you meet each and every day with kindness, compassion, and understanding and always with a smile or laugh.”
Mr. Pickens son’s letter concluded by thanking Fruth Pharmacy and its employees for providing an atmosphere in which his father enjoyed going to work.
“Fruth is a unique company in that we honor and hire people of all different ages and different backgrounds. We are proud that in comparison to other businesses, our staff continues to have long years of service. We are also proud to be an employer for many senior citizens. In reference to our theme, it is true how much our business relies on the different gifts and talents of each member of our staff. Our business continues to be successful thanks to the efforts and hard work of many people,” Lynne Fruth stated in regards to the various awards distributed.
“I am happy Ray received this award. He is worthy of the honor and we are glad that he continues to work for us.” Fruth acknowledged Mr. Pickens award.
Other award recipients at both Fruth Pharmacy and Corporate offices in Point Pleasant include: Sandy Atkins, 5 years of service, Emily Jeffrey, 5 years of service, Mandy Patterson, 5 years of service, Zack Stone, 5 years of service, Carol Scarberry, 10 years of service, Deanna Weaver, 15 years of service, Donna Haning, 15 years of service, Amy Nelson, 15 years of service, Rumsey Oates, 25 years of service, David Jenkins, 30 years of service.
Honored for 20 years or more of service from Point Pleasant: Herb Burfield, Ruth Burrows, Ruth Flowers, Drema Roberts, Susie Cassell, Joan Fruth, Mike Fruth, Dawn Grinstead, Mary Harris, Sandy Robinson, Barb Taylor, Lonnie Dunn, Bruce Scarberry.
Fruth Pharmacy is a family-owned business based in Point Pleasant, WV. Fruth Pharmacy employs around 700 people at 27 locations in both Ohio and West Virginia. You can learn more about Fruth Pharmacy by visiting Fruth Pharmacy’s website at:

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