Fruth Pharmacy Donates to Putnam County Juvenile Drug Court

July 16th, 2018 by fruthpharmacy

Point Pleasant, W.Va. – (July 16, 2018) – Fruth Pharmacy is pleased to share that they have donated high school and collegiate merchandise as rewards for participants completing phases of the Putnam County Juvenile Drug Court program.

On Thursday, July 19th, three people will graduate from the program.  Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy will be speaking at the graduation.  Thirteen other participants in the program will be at the graduation to offer support and also witness three success stories complete the program and move-on to another step in their recovery process.

“I always say that every drug user is someone’s son, daughter, sister, husband, and more.  Sometimes, we need to be reminded of that,” Fruth began when sharing her reasons for support of drug addiction and counseling programs, “Fruth believes it is important to support these programs to help change the landscape of our region’s drug use.  Fruth offers support in many ways, including scholarships to help build a successful career after ending the battle of drug addiction,” Fruth concluded.

“Our program has witnessed the graduation of more than seventy successful students over the last eight years, changing families and lives one graduate at a time;” Judge Phillip Stowers shared, “we have been successful because of the dedication of the local treatment team and because of the wonderful support we have received from corporate partners and our community volunteers. This donation from Fruth Pharmacy will allow the program to continue to offer program incentives to the students that meet their education goals and remain drug-free while in the program.”

The Putnam County Juvenile Drug Court program consist of four basic levels which the students know as phases. Depending on an individual’s success, the program may take eight months or may last as long as necessary to address three basic principles: Be drug-free, succeed in school and change peer relationships. Program incentives are used to recognize these three goals and the completion of each of the four phases toward graduation.

Fruth’s donation will be used to reward students as they complete steps to the program.  Students can earn a high school or collegiate t-shirt, sweatshirt, or jacket.

“The Putnam County Juvenile Drug Court program brings value to the community,” Fruth indicated, “by helping these students overcome adversity, these kids will become contributing members to our community. They may help other drug addicts overcome addiction by becoming counselors or they may go into another career that provides a service to our community.  Whatever they choose to do, they are able to do it because the juvenile drug court offered a program and helped them achieve success and take steps to end their drug addiction,” Fruth explained.

Fruth Pharmacy is a family owned company.  Currently, Fruth Pharmacy has 30 locations in West Virginia, Ohio, and Kentucky.  Fruth Pharmacy will celebrate 66 years in business this November.

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