Fruth Pharmacy Holds 18th Annual Service Awards Luncheon

November 1st, 2008 by fruthpharmacy

Ninety-Eight Fruth Pharmacy associates were recognized & honored during Fruth’s Eighteenth Annual Service Awards Luncheon held on October 30, 2008 at the Gallipolis, Ohio Holiday Inn.

Fruth associates are invited to attend the ceremony on their employment anniversary every five years. Service award pins & certificates were presented by Don Pullin, CEO and Charles (Laddie) Burdette, President. Laddie thanked all for their years of service with Fruth Pharmacy.  “This day is for you” he emphasized stating that “it is people like you that make our customer-friends come back to our stores.

The Following Were Recognized:

35 Years of Service
Ruth Kinnard (Pt. Pleasant)

25 Years of Service
David Jenkins (Corporate Office)

20 Years of Service
Eric Lambert (Corporate Office), Nila Milliken (Wellston), Rumsey Oates (Pt. Pleasant)

15 Years of Service
Annett Diehl (Charleston), Delbert Brown  (Waverly), Doris Dyke  (Waverly), Janie Newton (Waverly), Paula Cain (Corporate Office), Paula Roe (Wellston), Peggy Brown (Waverly), Roma Newton (Waverly), Sue Winston (Gallipolis), Tamara Grueser (Pomeroy), Teri Varney (Waverly), Terri Thomas (Corporate Office), Vera Keiser  (Waverly)

10 Years of Service
Alison Stone (Hurricane), Amy Nelson (Corporate Office), Deanna Weaver (Pt. Pleasant), Deborah Browining (Milton), Donna Haning (Corporate Office), Gladys Dennis (Mineral Wells), Janet Casto (Ripley), Janet Young (Eleanor), Jennie Little (Pomeroy), Linda Grimm (Corporate Office), Mary Holley (Eleanor), Mona Lynn Adkins (Charleston), Rachel Angell (Nitro), Rhonda Wolford (Waverly), Rosemary Siracusa (Nitro), Sharon Lesher (Spencer), Vickie Fischer (Huntington), Wilma Siers (Athens)

5 Years of Service
Allison Williams (Athens), Amanda Johnson (Huntington), Amanda Wallace (Wellston), Barbara Sheppard (Pt. Pleasant), Brenda Black (Gallipolis), Carol Scarberry  (Pt. Pleasant), Carolyn Powers (Huntington), Chris Childress (Winfield), Elizabeth Kenny (Ripley), Glenda Hatcher (Gallipolis), Heather Brumfield (Gallipolis), Ida Parsons (Gallipolis), Jennifer Wolford (Gallipolis), John Taylor (Cross Lanes), John Williams (Gallipolis), Katherine Kiser (Spencer), Kimberly Elliott (Gallipolis), Larry Wears (Hurricane), Louliza Wills (Charleston), Malinda Moore (Proctorville), Pamela Dutton (Milton), Patricia Naffziger  (Athens),Penny McLaughlin (Nelsonville), Rachel Morris  (Athens), Rebecca Church  (Athens), Rebecca Jones  (Pt. Pleasant), Rose Roy (Huntington), Sadie Bailes  (Pt. Pleasant), Sandra Best (Ripley), Sherry Root (Nitro), Shirley Goodall (Winfield), Stephen Kline (Corporate Office), Sylvia Sowards (Hurricane)

Also Honored Were Associates 20 Years Or More

Barb Taylor, Barbara Daines, Barbara Jenkins, Bob Messick, Bruce Scarberry, Catherine Canterbury, Connie Pullin, Cowana Brown, Dola Stone, Don Pullin, Gloria Thornton, Herbert Burfield, Joan Fruth, Karen Burdette, Kathy Edwards, Laddie Burdette, Linda Jackson, Marlene Kelly, Mary Harris, Mary Stevens, Matlida Mynes, Mike Fruth, Millie Tabor, Paul Skinner, Robert Page, Robert Pegg, Robin Ramey, Sandra Robinson, Susie Cassell

Special thanks goes out to to Fruth associates Joan Fruth, Cowana Brown, Bev Skidmore, Greg Sheets, Zack Stone, Mandy Patterson, Sandy Keefer & Becky Gibson for their hard work, planning and decorations. Fruth Pharmacy would also like to thank Holiday Inn for use of their facilities and for catering the luncheon and Gene France for providing the entertainment.

Fruth Pharmacy has been serving Southwestern West Virginia and Southern Ohio since 1952.  For more information, go to

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