Fruth Pharmacy Hosts Congresswoman Shelly Moore-Capito

May 20th, 2012 by fruthpharmacy


Shelley Moore-Capito, Congresswoman from West Virginia, visited the Fruth Pharmacy location on Oakwood Road in Charleston at the invitation of President Lynne Fruth. The purpose of the meeting was to discuss some of the challenges that WV pharmacies are facing today, such as changes in Medicaid/Medicare plans and increasing prescription drug coverage. Congresswoman Capito was taken on a tour of the pharmacy by Fruth Pharmacist, Frank Powell, and was shown in detail how the pharmacy process works; processing insurance, filling a prescription, checking for drug interactions, verifying the prescription, and  discussing important information with patients. Staffers from Moore-Capito’s team were present and interacted with many employees and customers in the pharmacy.

Shelley Moore-Capito is one of the co-sponsors of the MTM legislation, which is a piece of legislation that would provide for more prescription counseling for patients who have chronic disease states. The goal of this legislation is to improve adherence to medications and the overall health and well-being of patients with chronic diseases. “When patients have a better understanding of their medications, what each one does, and how it works, they are much more likely to take their medicines as directed, which helps improve their quality of life,” said Lynne Fruth. “We’re thrilled Shelley Moore-Capito was able to join us in Charleston to learn hands-on about some of the issues facing community pharmacies and West Virginians today.”
Shelly Moore-Capito has been a member of Congress for six terms representing the 2nd district in West Virginia.


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