Fruth Pharmacy Inducted Into Cabell Huntington Hospital’s Gold Medallion Society

June 1st, 2011 by fruthpharmacy


Fruth Pharmacy was inducted into Cabell Huntington Hospital’s Gold Medallion Society on October 21, 2010 Fruth Pharmacy and Broughton Dairies were among several significant donors to what will become the first dedicated children’s hospital in West Virginia.

Fruth Pharmacy, in partnership with Broughton Dairy, was the first business to contribute toward the new children’s hospital, which will be the first of its kind serving the children of West Virginia, Southeastern Ohio, and Eastern Kentucky. For each gallon of milk purchased at Fruth Pharmacy, five cents is donated to the Cabell Huntington Children’s Hospital fund. To date, contributions from milk sales have totaled over $25,000.

The Gold Medallion Society event was held at the Keith-Albee Theater in Huntington, and featured a “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory theme.” The candy fountains and cheerful decorations were a perfect fit for celebrating the progress made toward funding the Children’s Hospital. The Gold Medallion was awarded by David Graley, Vice President of Development for Cabell Huntington Hospital. On hand to accept the award were Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy, and Keith Sayre of Broughton Dairy. “I’m happy to accept this award on behalf of everyone at Fruth Pharmacy,” said Lynne Fruth. “It’s an honor to help the children of West Virginia, Ohio and Kentucky have access to a state-of-the-art hospital.” In addition to raising tangible funds for the children’s hospital, the milk program at Fruth is also raising awareness of the hospital by placing the logo on every single gallon of milk. Customers throughout West Virginia and Southeastern Ohio have been excited to participate in the building of the hospital by purchasing Broughton milk at Fruth Pharmacy. “It’s been a great program,” said Lynne Fruth. “Many of our customers actually call the milk ‘children’s milk.’ To have the support of the communities who will benefit from this children’s hospital is truly wonderful.”

The Fruth Pharmacy milk program continues to support the funding of the Children’s Hospital with a five cent donation on every gallon sold at all 25 Fruth Pharmacy locations.

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