Fruth Pharmacy Presents Donation to University of Rio Grande

August 29th, 2011 by fruthpharmacy

Fruth Pharmacy Inc.

Lynne Fruth, President of Fruth Pharmacy presents a check for $4,000 to Annette Ward , Director of Alumni Relations for University of Rio Grande.  The donation to Rio Grande was part of the over  $40,000 to be distributed from the Fruth Pharmacy Scholarship Golf Event held in August.  These funds will be applied to the Henry and Marjorie Fruth Scholarship, for local students attending University of Rio Grande,  and the Jack and Frances Fruth Scholarship for employees and children of Fruth Pharmacy attending Rio Grande. For more information on the Fruth Scholarship Program, visit the Fruth website at

Annette Ward and Lynne Fruth

Annette Ward and Lynne Fruth

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