Fruth Pharmacy’s Resident Earns Grant

March 21st, 2013 by fruthpharmacy

Dr. Snodgrass stands outside the Patient Care Center where she holds her counseling sessions.

Dr. Snodgrass stands outside the Patient Care Center where she holds her counseling sessions.

Point Pleasant, WV – January 15, 2013 – Fruth Pharmacy resident, Dr. Brittany Snodgrass, has been awarded an American Pharmacists Association (APhA) Foundation 2013 Incentive Grant.


The American Pharmacists Association (APhA) grants offer pharmacists money to implement or support innovative patient care services within their pharmacy practice.  The awards are given out in four categories: Residents and their Preceptors, Practitioner Innovation in Pharmaceutical Care, Innovation in Immunization Practices and Student Pharmacist Innovation in Immunization Practices.

Dr. Snodgrass received $1,000 in the Residents and their Preceptors category. Fifteen grants were given in this category. Only 22 grants were awarded in total across the United States. Dr. Snodgrass was the only recipient from West Virginia.  

As part of a research project, during her residency with Fruth Pharmacy, Dr. Snodgrass identified a need for medication counseling following a hospital discharge. After a discussion with hospital pharmacy administration, Dr. Snodgrass established a plan and soon was able to put her ideas into action.

“During my time as a pharmacy student and short time spent as a resident, I became aware of many problems that arise after a patient is discharged home from the hospital. Patients must make the transition from having someone manage their care at the hospital, to having a family member or friend care for them and their medications – or possibly the patient may be managing the new medications for himself or herself. Often medications are changed or new ones are added upon discharge – which can be very confusing,” Dr. Snodgrass stated about the need for her research project.

Dr. Snodgrass contacts patients one week after discharge from a hospital and reviews any changes in their medications.  She sends a survey and a new medication list after having a counseling session with the patient.  The goal of the project is to determine the impact of a pharmacist conducted, complete medication review follow-up, within one week after hospital discharge, and its effects on readmission rates and detection of drug related problems.

“Many times when patients are counseled on new medications in the hospital they are more focused on getting home or are not fully aware when the hospital staff is discussing the prescriptions. This is why I thought it was important to follow up with the patient in their home environment.” Dr. Snodgrass explained.

The APhA Foundation Incentive Grant Dr. Snodgrass was awarded will be used to cover printing, postage, and transportation costs to present her research findings at Eastern States Conference in May 2013.

Upon completing her residency, Dr. Snodgrass hopes to have her own clinical practice site to continue to work with patients one on one.  She also wants to provide training and education to future pharmacy students.

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