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Fruth Pharmacy Customer Testimonials

Customer Testimonial Form

"Pharmacists Shelly Hodges and Todd McGrew have always gone the extra mile. Recently, Shelly located another store to supply medication my family needed the same day. Even though we relocated to Saint Albans years ago, their extra effort is why we have always considered Shelly and Todd our pharmacists."
Fruth Pharmacists Todd McGrew and Shelly Hodges

"Pharmacy Technician, Pam Moore delivered my medicine during a heavy snow storm, and that delivery was much appreciated since I live alone and was unable to go out due to my illness. The pharmacists are helpful to explain and answer any questions about my medication. I couldn't ask for anything more."

Fruth Technician
Pam Moore
"My Fruth Pharmacists, Joel Fisher and Tracey Chesley, have hearts of gold. I am a breast cancer survivor, and when I was taking chemo, they "made sure" that my nausea meds were in stock each week. If Joel or Tracey can't answer your questions, they will research until they find the answer. I've watched them work with the elderly and the disabled, and they are amazing. My pharmacists treat everyone with respect and dignity."

Fruth Pharmacists Tracey Chesley and Joel Fisher

"Sara Babcock is the best. Sara is always thoughtful and happy to answer questions about your medications. She always has a smile and goes 500% for her customers. May God bless Sara for her heart and the care she gives her Fruth customers."

Fruth Pharmacist
Sara Babcock
"Pharmacist Chris Border is always courteous and explains medication effects, adverse reactions and other information. He cares about his customers and always has time to address our concerns. This is so important since my asthmatic husband suffers with pleurisy and needs many different medications."

Fruth Pharmacist
Chris Border

"Pharmacist Cheryl Brown has a kind spirit and is very respectful. I like her accommodating attitude. Cheryl will try to assist you with any pharmaceutical problem. She helps make the pharmacy visit a pleasant experience."

Fruth Pharmacist
Cheryl Brown
"I have been coming to Fruth for 10 years. Dave has always been very helpful, no matter how busy he is. Dave knows most of his customers on a first name basis, and he will help you if you are not sure about over the counter medicine you should take."
Fruth Pharmacist
Dave Chesley

"Our Pharmacist, Delbert Brown, takes time to explain things to us, so that we don't have to worry about our medication. Sometimes we get so busy in our daily lives we forget to thank God for giving us people like Del. He is truly a gift from God."


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Fruth Pharmacist
Delbert Brown
"I have been a Fruth customer for over 10 years now, and Barry McDougle has been an asset to my healthcare needs. He is helpful and friendly while maintaining a professional attitude and quality service. Barry welcomes everyone and displays a small town atmosphere where everyone feels like family at Fruth! I am blessed to have Barry as my Pharmacist."

Fruth Pharmacist
Barry McDougle

"Chet is so nice and patient with me and my family. He listens to my questions and explains so I understand. Chet has compassion and much knowledge. I don't worry about my medicine when Chet takes care of it. I have seven different doctors, but I wouldn't go anywhere but Fruth Pharmacy."
Fruth Pharmacist
Chet Page

"I have been disabled for some 25-30 years and have had experiences with several different pharmacies, but with only one visit to Fruth Pharmacy, I have been a customer ever since.
I have never found a greater, friendlier group of people assembled at one location. Pharmacist Peggy Knight shows professionalism, dedication, kindness, plus friendliness. She takes the time to explain each prescription and what it does, and she answers any questions that I may have. I rely on Peggy's assistance as much or more than most doctors."

Fruth Pharmacist
Peggy Knight
"I am an insulin dependant diabetic who also suffers from high blood pressure. Because of these illnesses, I suffered chronic kidney failure and received a kidney transplant in 2006, which requires me to take numerous medications. Jada and Rachel take great concern of my physical condition. They are great about advising me on which medications to avoid because of certain drug interactions and which over the counter medications are safe to take along with my prescriptions. My kidney transplant saved my life, and I trust Jada & Rachel to help me maintain a certain quality of life on this wonderful second chance."
Fruth Pharmacists
Rachel Elswick and Jada Curry
"Sam Arco is the best Pharmacist I know. He cares about you and watches the medicine you take, so that it doesn't harm you in any way. Sam knows his customers by name. I trust him with my life and my medicine, and I wouldn't change Pharmacists for anyone."
Fruth Pharmacist
Sam Arco
"I have been through cancer, and my husband is going through chronic osteomyelitis. No other pharmacy could compare to yours. Pharmacists Jeff Haffner and John Mourat have both gone completely out of their way to help us. They are our pharmacy angels; they are always there to help."
Fruth Pharmacists
Jeff Haffner and John Mourat



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Customer Testimonial Form

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