Local Fruth Pharmacist Shelly Hodges From Nitro, WV Will Be Serving On a Medical Team In Haiti

February 15th, 2010 by fruthpharmacy

Pharmacist Shelly Hodges,
of the Nitro Fruth Pharmacy, will be flying to Haiti later this month to provide medical care to people affected by the devastating earthquake which occurred in January. Approximately 200,000 people were killed by the quake and another 3 million people remain homeless or otherwise severely impacted by the disaster. “I casually mentioned that I would be going to Haiti on another mission trip, and before I knew it, Fruth had pledged donations of drugs and antibiotics. This adds an extra level of support which is so desperately needed by the people in Haiti,” said Shelly Hodges.

Fruth Pharmacy will support Shelly on the Earthquake Relief Medical Mission by donating prescription drugs, antibiotics and other medical supplies requested by the doctors.  Fruth customers can help directly by purchasing requested medical supplies at any local Fruth Pharmacy and donating them at the front register.  These items will be collected and delivered to the medical team before their departure. “The Haitians have so little, yet they are generally a happy people.  They have a strong sense of faith and family and understand what is truly important.  I realize how much I take for granted after spending time with people that are struggling to have the very basic necessities of life,” said Shelly Hodges, who has been on a previous medical mission trip to Haiti. The Medical group will be flying to Ft. Liberte, Haiti. Although Ft. Liberte was not directly affected by the earthquake, there are about 1,200 refugees that have entered the town of about 6,000 from the towns destroyed in the earthquake.  In addition to caring for the refugees from the earthquake, the medical team will care for the locals that are seen in the clinic yearly.  Last year that was about 1,600 people.


The following items have been requested: antibiotic ointment, anti-fungal creams, Imodium AD and baby formula (powdered form).  Tylenol, ibuprofen, and vitamins  are also always useful.  Monetary donations will also be accepted, and 100% of all contributions go to the Haiti Friends organization to provide food and medical supplies directly to the Haitian people. For more information, log on to: www.haitifriends.com

Fruth Pharmacy operates 25 stores in Southwestern West Virginia and Southern Ohio and has been in business since 1952.  For more information, log on to www.fruthpharmacy.com.

Watch her full story as Reported by WCHS-8 News, Charleston, WV.
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