Massey Promoted to Director of Pharmacy Operations

April 17th, 2017 by fruthpharmacy

Massey Promoted to Director of Pharmacy Operations

Point Pleasant, W.Va. (January 10, 2017) – Fruth Pharmacy is pleased to announce Drew Massey, former Clinical Services and Pharmacy Scheduler, has been promoted to Director of Pharmacy Operations.

Massey joined Fruth Pharmacy in 2014.  He previously worked with clinical services and also with Fruth’s intern program.  In his new role, Massey will be responsible for the pharmacists and pharmacy support staff scheduling at all 30 locations, Central Fill, and Fruth’s Patient Care Center.  He also will assist with maintaining relationships with local pharmacy schools and serve as the Residency Program Director for the APhA Accredited Fruth/U.C.S.O.P. Community Pharmacy Residency program. He will also serve as part of the pharmacy management team, alongside newly appointed Director of Pharmacy Administration, Andy Becker.

In addition to his PharmD, Massey holds a BS in Chemistry/Biology with a minor in Music from West Virginia State and a M.A. in Education from Marshall University.  For WV PEIA he is a Diabetic Face-to-Face Provider.

Massey resides in WV with his wife and son.

“I have never been one to worry about my title and role.  A company needs to know how to give you a position where your skills will allow you to grow and succeed.  I am honored that I was given this opportunity by the Fruth management team.  I am excited and happy with the promotion; it is a large responsibility knowing your decision and actions will help shape the work lives for hundreds of employees. At the end of the day, I will give Fruth the best I have to offer and look forward to seeing what the future holds for our company,” Massey stated in reference to his promotion.

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