Meet Erica Burns, Fruth Scholarship Winner

February 5th, 2019 by fruthpharmacy

Erica is currently majoring in Statistics and Japanese and minoring in Asian Studies and Biology.

Erica Burns

Erica Burns

She plans to do global health research in the US, Japan, or South Korea. Once she completes her studies and gains experience in her fields, she would like to relocate to Columbus or Cincinnati and be relatively close to home.

“My lifelong goals are to follow Jesus, love others, and give back to those who have given so much to me,” Burns shared with Fruth. “I want to continue to challenge myself to become a better student and stive to be well-rounded. My goal is to use my education and experience on a worldwide scale and work with others from a multitude of countries.”

“The Fruth Scholarship encouraged me to continue to work hard, as it acknowleged the hard work I have already completed. I highly value the support of my community and use it as motivation to make my community proud.” ~ Erica Burns.

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