Fruth Pharmacy’s $10 Makeup Challenge RULES

  1. In order to participate in Fruth Pharmacy’s $10 makeup challenge, a 15 minute or less video must be filmed showing how you would spend $10 for a makeup purchase at Fruth Pharmacy and then how you would use the makeup.
  2. No Purchase Necessary.
  3. Items used must be products that are available for purchase at Fruth Pharmacy. Please browse our stores.  You may video your browsing selection, without purchasing the products.  You may use products you have already purchased from Fruth or from other stores.  The products used must be a product Fruth Pharmacy currently carries.
  4. You must show and mention the brands and types of makeup you are using in your challenge.
  5. You must show or mention the price at Fruth Pharmacy of the products used to add up to your $10 challenge in your video. A total of $10 or less to get your make-over must be included in the video.
  6. You must show how the items would be used to create a look in your video.
  7. You may complete the video as a solo video artist or you may have a team competition of 2 people featured in the video.
  8. Fruth Pharmacy employees and their immediate families are not eligible to enter Fruth’s $10 Makeup Challenge.
  9. Your video will be subject to judging. The judges will be looking for: how well $10 worth of makeup is spent, creativity of the video, description of products and how they are used, clarity of sound and picture, best completed face make-over and more.
  10. Videos will be shared on Fruth Pharmacy’s YouTube Channel and on other social media sites: Facebook, Twitter, and Web Site.
  11. There will be 1 video chosen as a winner.
  12. The prize is a certificate for $50 each month for 1-year to purchase makeup. This is a total of $600 for 1-year of makeup purchases.  A video that wins with a team will be required to split the prize at $25 a month each for 1 year.  Both participants would then receive $300 for the year of makeup.
  13. By submitting your video to Fruth Pharmacy’s $10 Makeup Challenge you are agreeing to the following: I grant permission to Fruth Pharmacy, to use my image and/or voice for advertising promotions. I consent to the reproduction, use and distribution of pictures, photographs, video and audio, taken of myself for promotional purposes by Fruth Pharmacy. I release Fruth Pharmacy, its agents, employees and assigns, from any and all claims of use of my image, voice, and distribution of these items. All property rights of said pictures, digital, video, audio tapes, cds, proofs, and negatives shall belong to Fruth Pharmacy, its successors and assigns. I waive any rights I may have to inspect and/or approve the finished product in which my likeness and/or voice is used for Fruth Pharmacy advertising.
  14. Please submit videos to You may send a dropbox or other type link for download.  Please include your name or name(s) in the e-mail, the total you spent on your challenge, address, phone number, and e-mail address in your e-mail submission.
  15. Last day videos will be accepted will be Wednesday, August 1st, 2018.