Randi Robinson on “Fruth Loves Pets, Too!”

December 12th, 2012 by fruthpharmacy

Randi Robinson

 “I’m the pharmacist that should have been a veterinarian,” Randi Robinson quipped.

 For several years now, Randi, her husband Randy, and daughter Amy, have used their vacation time to volunteer at an animal sanctuary in Kanab, Utah.  The family packs up and spends 10 days at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary walking dogs, cleaning feces from the shelter area, and performing any other tasks that the sanctuary may need.

 “It is an amazing, happy place and we love it!” Randi says excitedly about an upcoming trip.

 Recently, Randi started helping out an animal organization closer to home. Randi took in 4 dogs to foster for the Dog Bless organization.  Dog Bless is an organization that helps find homes for shelter dogs.  They have saved 270 dogs in 6 months time from the Kanawha County Shelter.

 “I was just thrilled that Fruth Pharmacy made a donation to Dog Bless.  I was hoping to be able to buy some medications at cost for the dogs – I did not expect Fruth to make donation!”  Randi stated.

 Due to Randi’s efforts, Fruth Pharmacy became aware of the needs of the Dog Bless organization.  Fruth Pharmacy donated doxycycline and flea medications.  Anda Pharmaceuticals and TrueScience worked with Fruth Pharmacy to help make the donation possible.

 Randi is also passionate about spaying and neutering pets.  Currently she is also assisting the Kanawha Valley Spay and Neuter Task Force.  Of 9800 animals taken into the Kanawha Charleston Animal Shelter last year, 6391 were euthanized because they could not find homes.  If animals were spayed or neutered – which can be done as early as 4 months, this would cut down the animal population and bring the group closer to their goal of no more homeless pets.

To learn more about Fruth Pharmacy please visit our blog at WordPress.com.  You can learn more about  Dog Bless or Best Friends Animal Sanctuary by checking out their fan pages on Facebook.

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