#903D - Prices good 3/20/2019 - 3/26/2019 www.fruthpharmacy.com  WE DELIVER! Fruth Pharmacy wants to save you a trip by delivering your prescription as well as other items,  including but not limited to: OTC medications, milk, bread, household goods, toiletries, gifts,  candy & more! Ask your Fruth pharmacist to learn more!  $5.99 TYLENOL  Children’s Pain+Fever  24 Chewable Tablets  $4.99  AQUAPHOR  Diaper Rash  Cream  3.5 oz.  $4.99  PEDIALYTE  Grape  Electrolyte  Solution  1 liter  $7.99  TYLENOL  Infants’  Pain+Fever  Simple Measure  2 oz.  $5.99  TYLENOL  Dye-Free  Children’s  Pain+Fever  Grape or Cherry  4 oz.  $4.99  TYLENOL  Infants’  Pain+Fever  1 oz.  $7.99  TYLENOL  Infants’  Pain+Fever  2 oz.  $7.99  MOTRIN  Dye-Free  Infants’  Drops  1 oz.  $5.99  TYLENOL  Children’s  Pain+Fever  Grape or Cherry  4 oz.  $6.99  AQUAPHOR  Baby Wash  & Shampoo  16.9 oz.  $4.99  PEDIALYTE  Unflavored  Electrolyte  Solution  for Infants  1 liter  $4.99  AQUAPHOR  Baby Healing  Ointment  3 oz.  $4.99  PEDIALYTE  Mixed Fruit  Electrolyte  Solution  1 liter  $4.99 MOTRIN  Infants’ Drops  .5 oz.  $3.99 ADVIL  Infants’ Drops  .5 oz.  $3.99 ADVIL  Junior Strength Fever  24 Chewable Tablets  Every child participating in the  event gets a FREE 4x6 Photo!  $10 Donation Fee  to Participate*  * Fees are a non-refundable donation towards  purchases for a store’s baby organization  of choice. 100% of the entry fees  are used for a needy baby organization.  See your local store for full details.  Your child could be  entered for a chance  at 1 of 4 photography  packages!  Your child could be featured  in our advertising!  Event Held  Sat., April 6 • 11 am  Register from now until  10:00 am on April 6, 2019.  Registration closes 1 hour  before event.  4th Annual Baby Face Event Do you have a Mister or Miss Fruth?  Please see our website  for full details.  We allow our employees and their family  members to enter this event.  HELP US  HELP BABIES! #903D-3/20/2019
2 for $4 CHEX MIX  Muddy Buddies  Selected Varieties  3.85 - 4.25 oz.  $3.99 TILLAMOOK  Beef Jerky  Selected Varieties  2.5 oz.  $3.99 DASANI  Water  24 pack, 1/2 liter bottles  Buy One Get One Free ESSENTIAL EVERYDAY  Graham Cracker  Pie Crust  6 oz.  .89 CHICKEN OF THE SEA  OR STARKIST  Chunk Light Tuna  5 oz.  $1.00 POWERADE  Sports Drinks  Selected Varieties  32 oz.  $4.99 NICOLE MILLER  Perfume Sprays  $1.99 ESSENTIAL EVERYDAY  Pie Filling  Selected Varieties  21 oz.  2 for $5.00 HERR’S  Tortilla Chips  Selected Varieties  13 oz.  3 for $3.00 COKE  2 liters  Selected Varieties  $5.99 NICOLE MILLER  Body Sprays  $7.99 B.U.M.  Fragrance Sprays  Mens & Womens  $4.99 L.A. COLORS  Lip Paint Gift Set  $6.99 L.A. COLORS  Color Craze Nail Polish  Gift Set  Buy One Get One Free ASSORTED  COSMETIC  ORGANIZERS   $89.99  KEURIG  K40  Elite  Brewer  4 for  $5 SMARTWATER  Water  1 liter bottle  $3.99  PUREX 2X  Laundry  Detergent  Selected Varieties  50 oz. $1.66  OUR FAMILY  Bleach  Gallon Fruth Pharmacy Celebrates  66 Years in Business! We reserve the right to limit quantities.  While Fruth Pharmacy does its best to correct circular errors, Fruth Pharmacy  is not responsible for printing errors or misinterpretation of text. Please be  aware that some images are used for illustration purposes and may not be the  exact product on sale in all stores. Selections may vary at different locations.  Cards We Accept  We also accept SNAP/EBT  www.fruthpharmacy.com  Find complete store listings on our website. AD #903D - EFFECTIVE SALES DATES:  3/20/2019 THRU 3/26/2019